Born in 2001 two guys, Kilt wearers decided we can do better than what is available out there.
We started to manufacture in the Slovak Rep with Corduroy Kilts and on to Leather & Denim.
It came to the stage where we could not keep up with demand and had to source outside the UK but still remained with our Quality and specifications.
Our Indi Denim Kilts & Claymore Leather Kilts have been a Great success to which many have copied over the years using inferior materials.
All our Denim Kilts are what it says DENIM / CANVAS, not light weight cotton as you see all over the place.
We pride ourselves on service and Quality if you buy a product and you like it and the service is great you will come back and that’s all we want.
But please don’t assume the other products you see out in the internet world is the same as you may find it is not, at the end of the day you most definitely get what you pay for.
With 17 years of trading, we are in Wales in the UK, We ship from the UK all over the World, you will find our customers of UnionKilts in the USA in Canada, Australia, South Africa, Guantanamo Bay, Fiji, Scandinavia, New Zealand, Japan, Reunion Island, Canary Islands & All over Europe
You could say we refined the Modern Utility Kilt to what it is today of which we are proud in doing so.
We are confident that you will be satisfied when purchasing a UnionKilts product so much, that if you are not we will refund the cost of it without question, providing, of course, it comes back within 7 days of purchase in the same condition it was sent with all packing and any promotional accessories.
Enjoy the site, buy with confidence and rest assured we will do our utmost to make you happy and satisfied.